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Re: FW: Delayed Xaction and LOCK#

> From: Mark Gonzales <markg@scic.intel.com>
> Do you really have a product that has *PCI* masters that are
> synchronizing amongst themselves using locked accesses to a semaphore?!?

It has been discussed that we may be exchanging messages among multiple 
masters, and mutex could be an issue with that.  We have only run as master 
in talking to the host, so far.

BTW, I presume that masters can only find out about where their siblings are 
by having the host tell them, since the host is tasked with configuration 
management (and in fact, is the source of configuration accesses).  (A could 
tell B where A is, but only if A had a way of knowing where B is.)

Dave Schneider
Emulex Corp.