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re: BIOS Latency

  The Latency timer parameter found on some system's Setup is the value 
that will be placed in the latency timer register (0dh) of configuration 
space.  If an 'auto' mode is available in Setup, or the timer is not 
controlled by Setup, the latency timer register value may be calculated 
from MIN_GNT/MAX_LAT.  This would be BIOS specific.  The Phoenix BIOS  uses 
the MIN_GNT register for 'auto' calculation.

Frances Cohen
Phoenix Technologies
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From pci-sig-request@znyx.com, on 8/27/96 7:23 PM:
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Hello PCI experts,
Some of the PCI BIOS vendors provides a LATENCY TIMER parameter which may b
controlled by the user during SETUP.
Can somebody explain what is the difference (or common) of this parameter 
and the MAX_LAT parameter resides in the configuration register of my 
card PCI  bridge ?

Yoel Lavian