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Re: PCI Memory Devices

On 11 Sep 96 at 19:47, Eric Ryherd wrote:


> Seems to me that the PCI bus makes a VERY NICE DRAM interface standard.

I think it's to slow...

> And you get a high speed 32 bit interface in a 52 pin chip. PCI fits very
> nicely with DRAM in that the address comes first, giving time to do the 
> ROW access and if the row is the same a last time, there would be
> nearly no latency. Timing sure is easier than the old RAS/CAS interface...
> REfresh could be completely hidden.

But it should be done! And concurrent, so arbitration or
scheduling is needed which slows down access... Maybe a
costly circuit can manage it on the pci board itself but I
think it will add heavilly to the cost. And that's
something worth d..d penalty in business...

> The only really tricky bit is what
> to do on power-up and configuration. After all, the system does need RAM
> at boot time... Probably just have a pin that sets RAM at 0 and enables it
> at power-up and requires no configuration. All the high RAM can be configed 
> later.

> Sorry to on and on about this but this has been bugging me for years!

Oh no, I like this kind of "crazy" idea's! Maybe someone
or we together could solve all problems. I don't know!