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Political postings to this group


I know that Prop. 211 is a highly emotional issue, but please refrain
from discussing it here, or any other political topic. (other than 
PCI-SIG politics, of course.)  There are many other appropriate forums 
for this type of activity.  I consider it a bit of a stretch to assert:

>Subject: Proposition 211. The Initiative That Would Kill Silicon
>  Valley, no more PCI

Whatever else you might say about Prop. 211, I'm afraid that PCI 
will survive just fine regardless of whether it passes or not.

If we persist in posting off-topic subjects we start accruing the
risk that valuable members of this list will sign off since they
are too busy to be bothered by Internet-noise and we will lose 
the contributions they otherwise might make.


  Alan Deikman, ZNYX Corporation