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re: What does no EROM look like?

  The Phoenix BIOS will do several checks before it will shadow the 
Expansion ROM, beyond the value returned in the BAR. The expansion ROM must 
pass several qualifiers including the ROM signature, the PCI header 
information accuracy, and checksum.  If any of these test fail, the system 
behaves as though there is no expansion ROM.  

Frances Cohen
Phoenix Technologies
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From bkd@auratek.com (Bjoren Davis), on 12/12/96 7:12 PM:
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Dear Everyone,

I have a technical question for you: how can a BIOS
tell if a PCI board has no EROM?  Is it that the 0
bit of the EROM BAR is always 0?  Even after the

--Bjoren Davis
  Aurora Technologies, Inc.