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Re: PCI Raw Card

I suspect the clearance is for a card guide. There are PCI machines that 
support only short cards and they may use a card guide to position the 
card and control vibration.

Johnson, Ralph wrote:
> >Subject: PCI Raw Card
> >Author:  pci-sig-request@znyx.com at Internet
> >Date:    12/16/96 10:19 AM
> >Hello PCI experts,
> >According to the PCI specifications rev. 2.1 the mechanical dimensions of =
> >the short card contains 5.08mm component free area at the back end. Does =
> >anybody know what is the reason for this free area ?
> >Regards,
> >Yoel Lavian
> >VCON Ltd.
> I asked this question several weeks ago an received no response.  The area in
> question makes sense for the long card.
> Ralph Johnson
> Bit 3 Computer