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PCI Expansion Hardware

I am looking for a board that plugs into a PCI slot, has a PCI-to-PCI
bridge (plus what ever other support logic is needed) and then has 3 or
more PCI slots.  Mechanically this board would plug into a PCI slot
on a motherboard, stick up into the air, and have a number of PCI
slots on it.

I am aware of products from Bit3 and Magma that logically accomplish
task but they are more complicated and expensive than what I need.
Specifically they supply a PCI board for the host with a special
a cable, another board for an expansion chassis, and an expansion
We have a lot of mechanical flexibility on the product we are working on
and want something much simplier (and less costly), basically a single
with a PCI connector on its edge, a PCI-to-PCI bridge, and PCI slots. 
don't want cables, additional circuitry to buffer the PCI bus across a
cable, etc.

Does anyone know of any product(s) fitting this description?