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Re: PCI Expansion Hardware


Digital Equipment Corp sells an "evaluation" board for their PCI to PCI bridge
products.   It's called the 21150 PCI to PCI Bridge Evaluation Board.  It is 
basically what you described.  It has a 21150 P2P Bridge ASIC on it, 4 PCI slots
comming off the secodary PCI bus, and a single male PCI connector designed to
plug into a PCI slot.  The rest of the board is just some resistors, caps,
and a series of switch blocks for doing experiments.  

We ordered a couple from DEC so that we could do certain types of compatibility
testing in our labs.  (Basically to simulate what you DON'T want to buy, which
is the expansion chassis, etc.   We hooked a couple of these together to get
multiple levels of P2P's so that we could test our BIOS....)

Anyway, seems like what you need.   I don't remember the pricing, it was not 
cheap for what you got.

The DEC number for ordering is:

Model Number    Revision        Description
QR-21A50-12     1.0             21150 Design Kit

This comes with the board that you want, and spice models for Alpha
(who cares), marketing data sheets, and a floppy diskette (which I have
never used).


Have fun...

David O'Shea 

At 05:50 PM 1/3/97 -0500, Chas Horvath wrote:
>I am looking for a board that plugs into a PCI slot, has a PCI-to-PCI
>bridge (plus what ever other support logic is needed) and then has 3 or
>more PCI slots.  Mechanically this board would plug into a PCI slot
>on a motherboard, stick up into the air, and have a number of PCI
>slots on it.
>I am aware of products from Bit3 and Magma that logically accomplish
>this task but they are more complicated and expensive than what I need.
>Specifically they supply a PCI board for the host with a special
>interface, a cable, another board for an expansion chassis, and an expansion
>We have a lot of mechanical flexibility on the product we are working on
>and want something much simplier (and less costly), basically a single
>board with a PCI connector on its edge, a PCI-to-PCI bridge, and PCI slots. 
>We don't want cables, additional circuitry to buffer the PCI bus across a
>cable, etc.
>Does anyone know of any product(s) fitting this description?