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FW: Hot Swap

>If you mean an extender that allows you to leave the computer on, and flip a
>switch that turns off the power to the PCI connector so that you can remove
>the card and put another one in, I have done it.  One thing to watch for:
>the PCI extender card that I used had a switch to turn off the power, but it
>only turned off the VCC (5V or 3.3V).  It left the +12V on.  Our board used
>+12V so that caused a problem.
>We used a DOS test program that set the base address in the config space to a
>value that we had decided was OK for testing in our system.  So I never ran
>into the problem, I just ran the DOS program after I put a new board in.  I
>thought about having changes made to our WinNT test software so that it would
>allow hot swaps to be done, but never did it.  What I had in mind was to have
>the software read the config space before the swap and save what it found.
>Then after the swap, the operator could command the software to load the
>config space with what it had saved.  This would initialize the config space
>in the new card to what BIOS had set in the original card.  I think that this
>should work, but I never tried it.
>Jeff Dahlin
>Appian Graphics
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>I have a PCI entender card that allows me to hotplug a card
>that we are trying to test so that I don't have to reboot
>the PC everytime that I want to test another card. What
>is the best way to reconfigure that card after power is