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S-MOS/Epson Adds Intellectual Property of USB Cores from NetChip

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Las Vegas, NV, May 6, 1997---INTEROP---S-MOS Systems, Inc., (San Jose,
CA) is adding to its intellectual property portfolio with a licensing
agreement with NetChip Technology, Inc. (Mountain View, CA) for the
universal serial bus (USB) synthizable cores. The agreement includes
two specific cores, both of which are available now and are offered as
part of S-MOS ASIC libraries targeting data communications and peripheral 
vendors and designers. Both cores are USB version 1.0
compatible. The NET2888 full speed interface controller allows for
bulk or isochronous data transfers between a generic processor's local
bus and the universal serial bus.  The NET2888 consists of a USB
interface, dual 64 Byte FIFOs, pin connections for a DMA interface
and a local bus interface. The NET2868 USB hub controller is a
four-port USB hub controller that allows up to four full/low speed USB
devices, or hubs, to connect to an upstream USB host port. The NET2868
can be either self of bus powered and consists of a repeater and a

Both devices are already available in single-chip form from NetChip
with S-MOS' corporate affiliate Seiko Epson. 

Each company expects to leverage the strengths to gain a foothold in
the emerging USB application marketplace. S-MOS brings its
manufacturing, wide range of packaging options and established ASIC
libraries while NetChip can offer synthizable and silicon-proven USB technology. 

Pricing is dependent on ultimate design specifications involving the
entire chip or ASIC. Full schematics, test vectors and all other
documentation are available. The USB specification is intended to
unite disparate I/O interfaces into one common bus for ease of design
and rapid time to market. Thus the applications are numerous and
include scanners, printers, imaging systems, audio, ISDN, PBX, games,
modems, keyboards and digital cameras. 

NetChip Technology designs and markets USB chip solutions. The company
was founded in 1996 and has since announced USB design projects with
various major OEM customers. 

S-MOS Systems, Inc., designs, develops and markets subsystems, cards,
graphics ICs and ASICs for a multitude of market segments. The company
also offers contract manufacturing services through corporate
affiliate Seiko Epson in Japan.  

S-MOS was founded in 1983 and is privately held.

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