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Re: Development Tools

> Arnie Buck <abuck@analogic.com> writes,
> I would like to hear about anyones experiences with PCI analyzers and
> exercisers. Specifically HP16500 analyzer with the FuturePlus Systems
> preprocessor.
  We use the FuturePlus Systems preprocessor and HP16500.  It's an incredibly
  powerful combination.

  The good news:  Because you are using a logic analyzer, you can
  trigger on _ANY_ event.  You can observe everything happening on the bus.
  You can choose timing or state. You can choose to only store interesting
  cycles. You can add other inputs to look at other things like arbitration.
  You can set the analyzer to trigger the storage scope to look at specific
  analog events.

  The bad news: Since it's a logic analyzer, the display capability is
  limited.  You have to scroll around a lot.  It's a real pain to set
  the logic triggers.  Usually, I have to try 2 or 3 times before I actually
  set the trigger and store criteria to capture exactly what I'm looking
  for.  It's not good for statistical analysis.  You have to understand
  PCI to interpret what you're seeing.

  My opinion:  If I could, I'd have a FuturePlus AND something like a
  VMetro.  FuturePlus is great for Hardware Debug.  I'd think more about
  something like a VMetro for operational or SW debug.  If I had to pick
  just one, I'd probably stick with FuturePlus, but that's a tough call.


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