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Re: PCI and Altera's FPGA

At 15:02 19.05.97 -0300, you wrote:
>Hello,  my name is Pablo Aghemo and I am an electrical
>engineering student from Argentina who is trying to enter to
>PCI's world. I apologize if my questions are not of the same
>level as the others, it is because I am new at this.
>After trying to implement the PCI interface for my addon card
>with logic gates (I was crazy), I was advised by several kind
>members of this mailing list, and started to find out about
>programmable logic devices. I ended up with Altera's MAX
>devices. I also downloaded from Altera's web site a sample
>design for interfacing PCI.

So did we, 18 months ago...  We had to rewrite the entire code, in order to
get a working device!  I don't quite remember the details, bot our
conclusion was that the PCI design offered by Altera could NEVER WORK!
Hopefully they have by this time made a couple of revisions...  We used a
FLEX 8K device, 
and saved a lot of troubles by being able to reconfigure the device without
soldering out a 240 pins QFP...

>Can anyone help me? I will apreciate any comments.

>>>>GOOD LUCK!!<<<<

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