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Windows NT Config Space utility


I thought this might be useful to developers. PCITOOL is a small utilty
which allows config space to be viewed and set under NT4.0. This tool is
free, available for x86 and Alpha and can be downloaded from the
following site :


If you are interested I have included the readme.txt file below.

Please don`t send comments to me but to the address in the file below.

Hope this may be of use,

Robin ALexander

Digital Equipment Corp.
NT Systems Group
DECwest Engineering

	Digital PCI Configuration Utility V1.0

This utility is intended for use by Driver and Systems developers, 
although it may also be of use to Hardware Developers.

The PCI Device configuration Utility is a Control Panel Applet (plus
driver) that allows a Windows NT user to easily view and configure PCI 
devices in finer detail than the operating system itself provides.

Once the utility is installed and the system rebooted, you will find a 
new icon in the NT control panel, I can be used to view and modify (R/W
registers only) all PCI device configuration registers across every bus
in the system.

The PCI Device Configuration Utility does not allow users without 
administrative privileges to modify register values.

There is only very limited support for this tool, since it was
an unfunded project, however please feel free to download and try it
bug reports, comments should be sent to:  

There are two versions, ALPHA/INTEL, 

Install by unzipping the applicable kit into a directory and running the
setup.exe. As part of the install process a mail message will be sent to
the above address registering your installation. This will help us
how many people are using the tool and make sure everyone who is
receives updates when they become available.