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Question on PCI Video card

Hello, it's me again....

I have a Pentium 100 Mhz with the Triton chipset and the
video controller is a PCI add-on card with the Trident 9440
chip. I know that this card is memory mapped at the location
F0000000, and it is 2 Megabytes long.
1) Does anyone know how the video RAM is arranged in this
memory space? I have tried to poke some values using C++
but when I do it in some locations the PC hangs.
2) How fast should I be able to write to this Video RAM? I
wrote a short C program that writes several times to a certain
location and I measured only 3,200,000 bytes per second. Is
that the fastest I can do it?

Thanks in advance!!!!


Pablo Aghemo