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RE: PCI-to-ISA adapter card

>Because of IRQ issues and non-fixed-memory locations, it is not
possible to
>make a PCI card (that plugs into a host motherboard) with a ISA slot
>right. Perhaps custom software could access that ISA card, but the
>original software for this ISA card, designed to run on a motherboard
>ISA slots, won't be able to find the ISA card plugged into this PCI

I didn't think this was possible either, but recently I heard about a
board from PLX (www.plxtech.com) that allows you to piggback an ISA card
onto a PCI card. 
It requires some custom software, to program the PCI chip and to let the
system (Win95) know about the existence of the ISA card. But the ISA
software runs 
unchanged. The board is aimed at hardware developers porting an ISA card
to PCI. 

From the board doc:

"The key features of the 9050RDK card include the PLX PCI 9050 interface
chip and the ISA 8/16 connector. Most piggybacked ISA cards are fully
without hardware changes...The PLX RDK bus driver is a Windows 95 VxD
that logically connects a piggybacked comm card to the reset of the
system...it programs the PCI 9050 and enumerates the one-and-only device
on the 9050 local bus. Using the enumerator technique allows standard
device drivers to be used with the piggybacked card."