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Re: Pop Quiz (was: An observation)

At 08:32 AM 4/22/98 -0700, Darrin wrote:

>You should eventually create a FAQ. As one of the newbies
>to PCI I am interested in the answers.

We did have a FAQ at one time that was edited by
Randy Dunlap.  At that time he was with National,
now I believe he is with Intel and therefore
too busy with global dominance agendas.  The FAQ
may be on the pci-sig web page.

On the subject of the quiz,  it was never really
the plan to grill candidates by subjecting them
to a written test at the interview time.  Unless
you are running a real sweatshop, or are so large
an operation you are forced to have HR screen 
candidates for you, it strikes me as a poor way 
to start off a  working relationship.

Instead, I think most of these questions can be 
brought up and answered during casual conversation,
perhaps with a peek now and then at the spec
document.  I wouldn't reject a candidate even
if they did not know even half of the questions
off the top of their head; I would be more 
interested in how they approach figuring out
what they DON'T know, how quickly they do it,
and if they understand why that gap is 

On the other hand, if you are interviewing an
accountant, and he has to take off his shoes
when you ask him to count past 10, that should
tell you something, right?  Yet I have encountered
supposedly "intermediate-to-senior" engineers,
drawing substantial salaries, who seemed to be 
at this level in their own field.

My view is that if you have ever had to scope
out a PCI logic problem with a logic analyzer,
figuring out triggers and reading state 
listings or waveforms, the answers to these
questions should be as basic as ABC to 
someone trying to pass the Bar.