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Re: Big and little endian issue

  > Date: Mon, 27 Apr 1998 14:53:05 -0700
  > From: Jochen Roth <jochen@znyx.com>
  > Subject: Re: Big and little endian issue

  > At 07:08 PM 4/22/98 -0700, Philip.Ronzone@eng.efi.com decreed:

UH, I posted an article. The "flame war sarcasm" of words like "decreed"
really has no place in this discussion.

  > >Of course, there probably are some data acquisition machines
  > >that might enjoyed having their high speed binary data
  > >streams swapped, but, as I understand it, most such devices
  > >allow swap/noswap to be specified, and, such devices are
  > >very RARE compared to the vast number of PCI devices, so
  > >why should a bridge have a swap feature for such a rare
  > >case?

Of course, I've never *seen* or *even heard* of such a device,
but, it *could* exist.

  > This is just amazing. How about you leave it to the people
  > designing bridges to decide if they want to throw in a couple
  > extra gates? Unlike you, they typically make these decisions
  > for profit.

Because people designing bridges do not do very good designs.

It's like Boeing and its 777 jet. Boeing finally realized that
while it had great expertise in BUILDING jets, it had NO
experience in OPERATING jets. So Boeing actually had people
from the airlines helping design the 777, and quite a large
number of design issues were made that were almost incomprehensible
to the Boeing design engineers (only at first we hope).

Hardware designeers, in general, know little about software.

War is too important to be left to the generals the saying goes.

And I say no hardware design should ever be left to the hardware

  > The fact that you cannot think of an application involving
  > IDE hard drives and FAT file systems does not mean that there
  > are no applications.
  > Believe it or not, what you call the 'rare case' is regular
  > day-to-day work for someone else. Let them do what they are
  > good at and stop telling them what to do and what not to do.

1. Well, I state that they are not "good enough", in the same
   way Boing above is not good enough.

2. Since you apparently know about these boards that are so good,
   boards I'm ignorant about, please, enlighten me.

   What are these boards/devices and how does auto-swapping help?

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