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RE: 3.3V PCI PC's for Test

How about using a P2P bridge eval board in a system that supports PME#?
Some bridges (at least the DEC ones) provide for differing voltage
levels on either side and I would imagine that this would be a
configuration option on the bridge eval board.  The newer revs of DEC's
bridges also support PME#.
Brooks Lame'
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> Subject: 3.3V PCI PC's for Test
> I'm in search of 3.3V PCI PC's to test 3.3V Modems/NICs and 
> have had no
> success.  Does anyone know of manufacturers who sale such 
> equipment.  I
> would also like to have this same PC be capable of testing 
> D0-D3Cold using
> PME#.  I have looked into adapter cards that can be used to 
> convert a 5V
> PCI slot to 3.3V Bus using Bus translators, but so far I have 
> not had any
> luck.  Several companies have products that will supply 3.3V 
> power when it
> is not present and use Bus switches on the PCI Bus for doing 
> hot plug.  Any
> information concerning 3.3V PCI test equipment with or without Power
> Management capabilities would be very helpful.
> Thanks,
> Quinn Kunz (3Com HW Eng. )
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