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PCI card on other side of bridge

I have an inhouse designed PCI card which used a PLX 9060SD PCI 

When I plug it into a standard desktop PC the BIOS recognises out 
card and allocated the memory map, i/o space and an IRQ on INT#A.

When I put the card into an industrial PC with a digital PCI-PCI 
bridge chip (21152-AB) in it the Award BIOS (v4.51PG) doesn't 
allocate an IRQ (the memory and i/o are fine).

Our card is on BUS 4 in the industrial PC and BUS 0 in the standard 

We are struggling to find out where the problem lies and who to ask 
for advice - the PCI-PCI bridge chip manufacturer (Digital), the 
backplan manufacturer (Trenton), the SBC manufacturer (Peak) or the 
BIOS manufacturer (Award/Unicore).

Any help would be greatly received.

Richard Shaw
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