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Re: PCI Windows and NT driver

I was merely answering K Kibria's questions literally.

I guess I should have pointed out that both WinNT and Win95 have 'plug and
play configuration' managers that you are supposed to work in, they hand you
the configuration data for your device as part of the 'device node' your
driver is passed at initialization time, and calling the lame bios functions
would NOT be either easy or a good idea.

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Date: Tuesday, November 03, 1998 9:52 PM
Subject: Re: PCI Windows and NT driver

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>com writes:
>>K Kibria <kkibria@iss-us.com> write...
>>>I am trying to write Windows 95 and NT drivers for a PCI based
>>>serial-parallel port card. Can anyone suggest me a good starting point? Any
>>>help will be greatly appreciated. Also how do I get hold of a PCI BIOS
>>>stadard. I checked pci-sig website and didn't find any reference to PCI
>>The PCI specifications, including the BIOS specs, are available for a
>>fee, cheaper for PCI-SIG members.
>Given the incredible reliability of protected mode PCI BIOS implementations
>(note the dripping sarcasm.  I've seen ones that fed back 32 bit values
>with the high and low 16 bit chunks swapped, read PCI configuration
>registers other the one requested, total failures when a PCI->PCI
>bridge was involved, etc), I don't think you have any use for the BIOS
>If your operating system doesn't provide some form of PCI probe
>routines (I don't do windows and can't help you here) and your code
>is expected to work on random PCs, whoever is stuck supporting your code
>will be much happier if you generate your own configuration cycles.
>The Freebsd code for this works well, even when you have
>a few dozen devices spread accross a handful of busses.  It's also
>free.  Use it.
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