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Re: help for unix driver

At 19:24 03.11.98 +0800, you wrote:
>hi,  everyone
>   I have finished programming for a PCI multiport driver in
>Windows NT, and now I have  to do the same in SCO UNIX.
>   But I have no idea how to initialize a PCI card in UNIX.
>So may someone kindly give me some help on where I can find 
>related introductions? In Windows NT, there are many fuction 
>specified for hardware information collection and a registery,
>is there any such funtions in SCO UNIX?
>    Any comment will be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.
>xikai zhao

There are documentation and example drivers available "out there".
For some OS'es you have to buy a DDK, for others you can do without
it. But first, you need to know which UNIX you are dealing with.