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PCI compliance and UL approval - is it possible?

Has anyone here had experience of taking a PCI card through UL approval or other safety testing approvals?  If so, did you manage to follow the PCI spec's guidelines for decoupling at the same time?

I am fairly new to UL testing, but it seems that to give protection against shorts on the board, which could cause the board to be a source of ignition (due to tracks glowing when 25A+ passes through them from the PC's power supply), it is necessary to pass all power supplies through a fuse of some sort.
How can this be reconciled with the need to decouple all the power supply pins close to the edge connector?  Either the power net has to make a long diversion via the fuse before it gets to the decaps, or you decouple first and then run through the fuse, in which case the decaps become possible sites for a short-circuit.

Does anyone even know of a UL-approved PCI card that exists?  I have yet to see one.

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