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Re: NT restart without regular shutdown

> Device drivers must quieten their devices at first because devices 
> can assert INTx#.

There shouldn't be any way out of a Win NT 'blue screen' other than 
by pressing the hardware reset button. This will assert PCI RESET and 
so disable all PCI device interrupts.

Some BIOSes fail to assert the PCI RESET line on a soft restart. So 
if you can do a soft restart from the blue screen (which I doubt) 
this might leave you with an active interrupting device and no 
installed driver for it.

> what will happen if driver A receives the interrupt
> requested by device B?

Ordinarily this won't happen, as driver B must load before device B's 
interrupts are enabled.

> in my application, driver A dies. Why?
> How can I solve this problem?

I can recommend NuMega's Soft-ICE for Windows NT for investigating 
this kind of thing.

Roy Gwinn