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Should data be valid on a STOP_RETRY

I would like clarification on the following PCI scenario:

 This scenario consists of a stop_retry when the target assets #STOP
before the initiator  asserts #IRDY.  To complete the STOP_RETRY the
initiator then issues #IRDY and the transaction terminates accordingly.  In
this situation since the #STOP occurs before the #IDRY,  can the target
assume the data under #IRDY is valid.  Can the target then use the data to
compare to the data of the next retry (delayed request) and only except the
data when it matches the first STOP_RETRY??

This scenario is not clear or spelled out in the PCI2.1 spec.

Please help,

Tim Wiwel
High Speed Switch Development
 IBM Dept FM4/B662, RTP, NC 27709, USA
919-254-0848 t/l 444-0848 fax 254-0741