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PCI DMA problem

> I have a PCI card working in a 166Mhz P1 HX chipset computer.  It performs 
> continuous DMA's of 512kbytes.  I take the same card to a 233Mhz P2 LX 
> chipset and for DMA sizes above ~1kbytes the machine crashes.  Can anyone 
> suggest areas I should concentrate my debugging on.  
> Is there info on the web for these chipsets and there register settings.

I should have added that the PCI controller on the card is the AMCC S5933QE 
and the problemn occurs when the S5933 performs bus mastering to host 
memory.  AMCC have some errata that describe the problem I am seeing but the 
solutions are not quick fixes.  Has anyone used the S5933 and had similiar 

Many thanks

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