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PCI specification

Hi, my name is Damian Del Campo and I am a fourth year Computing Systems
Engineering student at the University of Adelaide.
For my final year project we are simulating a hardware implementation of
a Jpeg decoding system using VHDL. My task at present is to design the
output of the system to a PCI standard so that if the system was
realised, we could use a PCI video card to display the images.
I am looking for a set/description of the pins on the Bus and a simple
description of what they do, however it seems one has to pay a
substantial sum for these, and then has wait for their arrival, time
which I don't have.
If you have a text or Pdf file or something, that just has the names of
the pins and briefly how they work, could you please forward them to me,
or let me know where I can obtain them.
Thanks ever so much.

Damian Del Campo (4th yr. Comp Sys Engineering Student)