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Subsystem Vendor ID

I am a PCI card card for the, and am now faced with the issues of
implementing Subsystem vendor ID.

Our product uses the Motorola 56301 DSP, with built in PCI interface.  As
such, the PCI vendor ID and device ID fields are already defined.  As our
product has a significant chance of being operated alongside another PCI
card using the same DSP, the implementation of Subsystem vendor ID becomes

I've searched this mailing list for the answer, but have so have not found
the answers I need.

So, I have a few questions:

1. Does the PCI-Sig manage and issue subsystem vendor ID's?

2. If so, does this require membership to PCI-sig?

3. If not, what is the consensus as to the best way to manage subsystem
vendor ID's?

Thanks in advance,

Theo Lindebaum
Wavecom Electronic AG