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RE: Low profile PCI Local bus

To Whom it may concern:

My name is June Lai, director of sales and marketing of SuperPower 
Supply Inc. I just e-mail the question to you.  We are the MFG of the 
computer chassis and power Supply.  We are going to develop of the 
Flex ATX chassis.  We need some information from the Low Profile of 
the PCI Local Bus.  Can we have the height from the card set screw to 
the bottom of the card.  I knew the 85.09mm is overall system height 
which will include the case cover.  I just want the height of the 
card itself from the card set screw to the bottom of the card.  I 
hope you understand what I mean. If not, please let me know, i can 
fax the picture to you and indicate what I am looking for. thanks!

I am very appreciated for your quick response. Thanks a lot!

My e-mail address is jul@spower.com and phone no is 800-736-0007 
June Lai  Ext 107.
Director of Sales and Marketing
SuperPower Supply, Inc
Local tel: 626-455-0777
fax No.  : 626-258-0455