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RE: CPCI: RE: Message Signalled Interrupt Support

I plan to support MSI in a future revision of a card I am developing now.
Likely to not be a mass market however as we serve a niche market.

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Subject: CPCI: RE: Message Signalled Interrupt Support

MSI appears extremely useful in applications with many sources of interrupts
in a device and/or many devices on the PCI bus.  It also looks useful in
slave processor applications.  Motorola may use MSI in a new motherboard
peripheral device currently under development.  However, I am a little out
of touch with the current thoughts on MSI with CompactPCI
peripheral/slave/multiple-host processors; so, you may look for some other
PICMG guys to respond.  
Brooks Lame'
Crisis/Design Engineer,  Motorola Monterey Design Center

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> Subject: Message Signalled Interrupt Support
> PCI 2.2 defines a Message Signalled Interrupt (MSI) feature, 
> to allow the
> card
> to issue an interrupt as a PCI write message.
> Its presenting a "who-comes-first" scenario.  There are SW 
> developers that
> want to support this feature; however, they want to know if 
> there are IHV's
> who are adding support to their cards.  If there is no IHV 
> interest, SW
> support
> may be pulled due to lack of validation.
> Are there any cards available or that will be available that 
> will support
> the MSI capability?