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Unidentified subject!

Hello friends,

1- Has anyone designed a PCI board with the CAD software 'InCases' from
THEDA company ? If yes,
what kind of 'options' of this CAD are necessary to design a PCI board that
runs well AT THE FIRST
PROTOTYPE (no bug) ?
Please read the following questions which deals with the same design.

2- Has anyone designed a PCI board where the PCI bridges (4) are on the
same PCB, that is to say
without any PCI connectors ? Does it require to simulate something or is it
easier than the designing
of a PC-style motherboard with 3 or 4 PCI slots ? In fact, I have a
PC-style motherboard with 4 PCI
connectors where 4 PCI daughter cards are plugged, and I want to remove all
the connectors and
move all the components (including the PCI bridges) of the daughter cards
on the motherboard.

Thanks a lot if someone can help me.

(France - 19H13 GMT)