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Re: look for a motherboard that has 3.3V PCI slots.

yang.can.mei@philips.com wrote:
> Hi,
> We designed a PCI-based FPGA validation board for a USB project. The used-FPGA chip only supports core well power supply of 2.5V, and I/O interface power well of 3.3V. It is not 5V tolerant.
> During the board design, we ignored the existing motherboard market fact, so our PCI card was designed as a 3.3V card, not 5V or universal card.

5 V PCI tolerance is going away quickly. The ASIC and ASSP vendors will
probably dump support for it as soon as they can, and we'll see the 5 V
PCI slots start disappearing from PC motherboards (just like ISA!). In a
couple of years, one of the few remaining means to implement a universal
or 5 V PCI interface will be the Xilinx Virtex or Spartan-II devices
(Our Virtex-E devices *do not* support 5 V PCI). This is because
general-purpose FPGAs tend to be manufactured for upwards of 10 years,
as opposed to ASSPs that have relatively short life cycles. 
> My question is, where can I get some motherboard that support 3.3V PCI slot?

The SGI Visual Workstations have 3.3 V only slots. You can also use any
of the new 64/66 motherboards as the 66 MHz slots are 3.3 V. This would
include most 840 based motherboards; there are at least 8-10 of these on
the market today.

Here's a few links:
http://www.supermicro.com/PRODUCT/MotherBoards/840/840.htm (5 boards)

Jim McManus
Xilinx PCI Applications Engineer