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3.3 Volts and PMC Modules

Hello All,

Do PMC modules provide their own 3.3 volts onboard via an onboard regulator,
or do they rely upon the cards they plug into to provide 3.3 volts?

For those who have designed PMC modules, what did you do?

For those that have designed cards with PMC module slots, do you provide 3.3
volts to the PMC module slots?

The Electrical Specification for Common Mezzanine Card P1386/Draft2.1 dated
11-Oct-99 in paragraph 6.1 states :"The CMC standard allows +5V, +3.3V and
+/-12V.  Which of these voltages shall be provided is defined in the
specific bus standard:".  The bus standard is the PCI bus spec.  As we know
PCI 2.1 spec did not require the 3.3V power pins to be driven. 

I would be grateful for any comments, experiences or insight into this

Thank you for you assistance.

Louis Przebienda
Designs Engineer
Acromag Inc.
Email: lprzebienda@acromag.com