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Re: Message Signalled Interrupt Support

Could anyone please explain how the MSI is supposed to work??
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Subject: Re: Message Signalled Interrupt Support

> At 05:29 PM 2/20/00 , Brad Hosler wrote:
> >PCI 2.2 defines a Message Signalled Interrupt (MSI) feature, to allow the
> >to issue an interrupt as a PCI write message.
> >
> >Its presenting a "who-comes-first" scenario.  There are SW developers
> >want to support this feature; however, they want to know if there are
> >who are adding support to their cards.  If there is no IHV interest,
> >SW support
> >may be pulled due to lack of validation.
> >
> >Are there any cards available or that will be available that will support
> >the MSI capability?
> PCI-X requires devices that generate interrupts to support MSI (with a
> 64 bit message address).  MSI is still optional for platforms and
> system software but the required availability should make support in
> systems much more likely.
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