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bandwidth concerns

Hi all!
	 I am designing a PCI based SONET(sts-3c) network interface card
for Packet over SONET purposes. The available bandwidth for data in such a
card would be roughly of the order of 140 Mbps one way. We plan to use this
card to test large file transfers using up most of the bandwidth provided
by the card, atleast in one direction. My questions are: 
	1. Can the PCI bus support this rate of data transfers for long
	  durations(order of 10's of milliseconds) ? 
	2. How would this kind of latency affect the performance of other
	  bandwidth hungry devices on the bus like the Graphics(monitor)? 
	3. Are there any timeout values or priority bits to be set to use
	  the PCI bus for such long transfers?
	4.Intel I960 is a I/O processor series which creates a secondary
         PCI bus on which devices can be mounted. So if I choose to
	 use this processor, should I be putting all my existing devices on
	 the the secondary bus for optimal utilization of the existing
	 primary bus?

	Any help regarding these issues is immensely useful to me.PLease
send me in any suggestions you can make about this stuff. Thanks a lot for
your time.