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RE: need help on pci design projects

Sounds like everything you need is in the Win98 Device Driver
Kit.(DDK) It was available for download from Microsoft, But I
don't know if it still is. There is plenty of sample code in
there for building many different types of device drivers, all
for Visual C++. 


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> From: ANN WIE WONG [mailto:wormworm@hotmail.com]
> Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2000 10:38 PM
> To: pci-sig@znyx.com
> Subject: need help on pci design projects
> hi, my school is working on a pci card design project and i have encountered 
> a few problems. my device would not be a commercial product but sole for 
> project purpose. i find that information of designing a pci device is hardly 
> available and was wondering if help can be found here.
> my device is required to run under win95/win98 environment. it is prefered 
> that my device drivers is written in Visual C++. i have a few questions and 
> was wondering if anyone can help me answer them.
> 1)how do i configure my device such that the operating system is able to 
> recognise my device. does anyone have any examples or sample codes?
> 2)how to send and read data from my device card? what are the commands and 
> identifiers to be used? does anyone have any examples or sample source 
> codes?
> 3)am i able to write data to a physical memory address through the pci bus 
> using visual C++ ??
> i would greatly appreciate the help given by anyone. thanx.
> anwei
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