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My Introduction / How PPB claim configtype1 cycles

Hello all,

I am new on this mailing list and also new on PCI systems. I work at cellware
broadband gmbh in Berlin for nearly 2 years.
I go thru PCI-, PPB-, CPCI- and HotSwap-Specs and several books but there still
are a couple of gaps in understanding.

At the moment we develop a 32bit/33Mhz PCI system with up to 16 devices.
Therefore we use the 21150 PPB from Intel.
My question is how does the bridge knows that it has to claim
a configtype1 cycle and forward it to a secondary bus ?
I found registers to setup prefetchable-, non prefatchable mem and io space but
no registers to setup the configuration space area of the secondary bus.

Thanks in advance,
Jürgen Klemt.

PS.: Special geetings to djay@netlab.hcltech.com