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Re: PCI reset on soft boot


as far as I know there is no such requirement.

Soft resets just activate the KBD-Controller's reset output (through the
BIOS or DOS). It's a chip set issue how they handle keyboard resets. Some
just activate a warm reset for the CPU, others perform a hard reset by
driving the CPU,  PCI and ISA resets active.
Most machines I have seen do a hard reset.


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Subject: PCI reset on soft boot

> I apologize first for bringing up an OS dependant issue, but I have not
> able to find this out through other channels.
> On some PC systems that we are working with we have seen no reset on the
> bus when a soft boot (Ctrl-Alt-Del) occurs.  This tends to wreak havoc
> our board since our device ends up in an unknown state when the boot ROM
> executes.
> Does anyone know of a requirement (PCI or otherwise) for a system to issue
> reset at times other than power up?
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