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RE: AMCC S5933 and Master Abort

Is this the one?

- Tom

>I was also having problems using a PCI board with the AMCC S5933QE in a
>newer computer when using bus master transfers. It turns out that there is
>"bug" in the S5933QE that is activated by Special Cycles on the PCI Bus
where the IDSEL signal is active during the Special Cycle. This is
documented in http://www.amcc.com/pdfs/SumQE4.pdf. Apparently the chipsets
in the newer computers are aggravating this bug. AMCC has a new part, the
>S5935QF that is a drop-in replacement for most applications. It took care
>the problem for us.
>George Reasoner
>Unisys Corporation
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>From: Allen, Douglas [mailto:Douglas_Allen@perkinelmer.com]
>Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2000 2:23 PM
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>Subject: PCI 2.2 question
>A couple of years ago, I designed a PCI board using the AMCC 5933QE chip.
>Recently, I found that
>I was receiving data errors when running the board on some newer computers.
>So far, the only common
>thread I see is that all of the computers on which it fails are specified
>PCI V2.2. Are there known
>issues when using a PCI 2.1 board in a PCI 2.2 bus? Since I have not been
>designing PCI cards of late, 
>I was wondering if there was something I did not take into account with the
>new spec.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Mark Allen

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Subject: RE: AMCC S5933 and Master Abort

I only vaguely recall something about newer host chipsets, Windows NT, and
unexpected PCI Special Cycles causing unexpected problems with peripherals.
Can you get the change documents for the AMCC S5933?  Perhaps someone else
on the list knows more?   -- BrooksL

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> From: Thomas Heller [mailto:thomas.heller@ion-tof.com]
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> Subject: Re: AMCC S5933 and Master Abort
> > Thomas, if I recall correctly, someone said this is a known 
> issue with the
> > AMCC when transfers are interrupted with PCI Special 
> Cycles?  Did you
> > contact AMCC yet?  -- BrooksL
> > 
> AMCC support (provided through the distributor here in Germany)
> has not been very helpfull. Their suggestions included:
> - try another slot for the board
> - try the S5935 instead of the 5933
> - ???
> Do you have more information about this issue?
> Thanks and kind regards
> Thomas