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RE: card vendors

The PICMG maintains the specifications for both CompactPCI and PCI format
CPU cards.  There is also a product directory that will list the cards you
want on the PICMG web site at www.picmg.org <http://www.picmg.org> .  Select
either the PCI/ISA product directory (for PCI format) or the CompactPCI
Rob Davidson
VP Marketing PICMG

		-----Original Message-----
		From:	Monish Shah [mailto:monish@hierassist.com]
		Sent:	Thursday, 08 June, 2000 9:04 PM
		To:	Dharani Vilwanathan; PCI SIG
		Subject:	Re: card vendors

		> Hi,
		> Does any vendor have a PCI card with a x86 processor and
two Intel
		> 8255x-based 100Mbps ports?

		There are many vendors making CompactPCI embedded CPU cards,
though I don't
		know if any of them include LAN interfaces.  I suspect,
though, that you
		want the normal PCI form factor.  I haven't seen such cards.

		I am, nonetheless, curious.  Does any vendor make embedded
CPU cards for
		the standard PCI form factor?

		> Thanks
		> dharani

		Monish Shah
		Ascent Software