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Re: PCI IO Buffers

If I understand your question, you want to put multiple PCI interfaces on a 
single board. This is not allowed by the PCI spec. The only way you can do 
this is to use a PCI-PCI bridge so that you have a second, electrically 
separate PCI bus on your board. There you may have a number of additional 
PCI devices.

At 05:14 PM 6/21/00, you wrote:

>I am interrested to get more information on
>board layout requirements  conneting multiple
>pci devices on the same board, considering that
>pci io buffers are designed to drive to half way and
>relying on the reflection to swing the voltage to full
>Are there any tricks we need to do to  our board to
>make sure we meet the pci io buffer reflection requirement ?
>Sean Ganjooi