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devices not seen, fpgas not getting the clock

Hi all,

As someone else on the list, I too had some issues with clock not seen
by fpgas.

In our case we have many HP PCs which are working fine.
In only one PC (a P3 500) we saw that during the initial boot phase the
clock is present on all 3 PCI slots on the motherboard.

After some seconds (5 to 30) the clock remains good on populated slots,
while it is removed from empty slots.
At least this is what our lab people told me.

The PC is thus fully functional, but we have a development board on
which our chip is implemented in fpga.
For debugging reasons we cannot program the FPGA from the external
memory, but from the jtag cable.
This means that our board can never be seen by the motherboard, because
at startup it was not operating, so the clock is removed from the slot.

Has anyone ever heard of such a behaviour ?
Is this "clock removing" feature really present ? (and can it be
disabled) ?

Thanks for any advice.

Marco Brambilla

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