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Re: wintel

Ciao Daniel,

> I understand that the CPU ( in a wintel enviroment) can not 'BURST' read.

I know it that way, too. This seems to be due to the way the chipset is

> If I design my PCI card as a master can it burst write to the main memory in a wintel enviroment ?  Will this >occupy any of the CPUs time other than tying up the PCI bus ?

You should definitely go this way.
Design a master board (think very well about the interaction between the
software driver and the master control on your board).
The board will need CPU attention only when programming the master state
machines (people usually refer to them as the DMA controllers, even if
this can generate some confusion).
Of course you should also implement a way (interrupt or whatever sw
protocol you like or MSI) for your board to request attention from the
software driver.

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