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Re: Subsystem Vendor ID


I was at your side from the very beginning and my comments were to keep
discussion in your interests.
I apologize if it was not clear.

> Well,  my PCI rev 2.1. book says Subsystem Vendor ID is designed for card
> manufacturers that use same PCI chip. In other words, the Subsystem vendor
> ID/Subsytem ID registers are used to uniquely identify the add-in card or
> subsystem that the functional device resides within.

Exactly, this is why any decent general purpose PCI chip should have
provision to put this info in and this is why I said that the way to do it
shouldn't be looked for in back doors.

> FYI, the PCI chip has no EEPROM support and it's a PC-Card controller.

It sounds like your chip is not really meant to be used by anybody except
for those who designed it for a specific application. If it's not too late
maybe you'd better pick another chip? Any particular reason to use that one?
What is it anyway?

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