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Re: Subsystem Vendor ID

I don't believe you have indicated which chip you are working with. This 
might help a lot in getting advice on how to use it.

I am not overly familiar with PC Card devices, but there must be a way to 
change/set the Subsystem vendor ID. I would expect this to be necessary for 
proper initialization  and operation of the board and driver. Have you 
checked with the chip vendor?

At 03:11 PM 7/11/00, you wrote:
>Well,  my PCI rev 2.1. book says Subsystem Vendor ID is designed for card
>manufacturers that use same PCI chip. In other words, the Subsystem vendor
>ID/Subsytem ID registers are used to uniquely identify the add-in card or
>subsystem that the functional device resides within.
>So we are not trying to hack anyboy's Vendor ID and change it, we just
>wanted to figure out a way to put our signature in the proper place.
>FYI, the PCI chip has no EEPROM support and it's a PC-Card controller.
>Thanks for all the great advice