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two loads on a single connector ?

The question I have is whether I can use two loads on a single board.
This board will run only in a controlled environment and will be the
only board (at most one other) in a 4 slot PC motherboard. The problem
is that I need to talk to one chip which has a PCI connection and a CPU
connection. I need to connect an FPGA to the CPU bus of the chip and the
FPGA has to reside on PCI too. I don't want to design two boards and use
a ribbon cable to do the connection. What should I pay attention to in
a system like this ? I am thinking about putting the two PCI chips on
different sides of the board ? This should let me meet the trace length
constraints. Is this a viable solution ? Again this board will exist in
a controlled environment where not all the slots will be filled.

Muzaffer Kal