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RE: two loads on a single connector ?

>The question I have is whether I can use two loads on a single board.

If this is strictly for your own purposes, you can do pretty much whatever
you want to do.  Of course it's your problem if anything doesn't work.  The
PCI spec prohibits more than one load on any line on a plug-in card.

On the other hand, 33 MHz PCI is fairly forgiving.

Electrically, you should minimize loading.  Keep trace lengths short.  A
higher trace impedance (thin traces) might help too.  Use devices that have
a low Cin.

How well it works may be slot-dependent.  It may be better being plugged
into the slot that is on the physical end of the PCI bus, if there is a slot
with that distinction.  Better to extend a bus off the end, than to create a

Of course the board only gets one IDSEL pin and config space for one.