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RE: PCI-to-PCI Bridge

Intel actually bought the DEC design and have added to their group of
bridges.  If you want a transparent bridge (not much software support
needed) I have used the 21150 series both 21150-AB and -BC (66 mHz capable).
They are very good parts...

TI also makes a 21150 equivalent the PCI2050 as well they make new set of
bridges that make the transition to serial communication than back.  If you
aim to send the PCI bus over a long cable this is the best way...

Hope this helps.

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Subject: PCI-to-PCI Bridge

Please help me to find a vendor who sells PCI-to-PCI Bridge. I know Digital
Semiconductor has a model, 21152. Do you know any other model or company who
make PCI-to-PCI Bridge?
Thanks for your help.
- Gary Chan