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Re: PCI PCB Specification

We have seen the same problem with motherboards.  Apparently somebody had
an overstock of 3.3V PCI connectors and dropped the price significantly,
and it turns out that the 5V connector and the 3.3V connector (32-bit
versions) are identical except for the marking for pin1, and the width of
the plastic at the ends of the socket.

  So a bunch of motherboard manufacturers decided to save $0.01 and use
the 3.3V connectors soldered on backwards.  It's just too bad for all of
those customers who didn't know what they were buying...

-- Neal

On Wed, 2 Aug 2000, Ivor Bowden wrote:

> We don't have any problems with PCB mfg. The only problem we have
> had related to connectors is 64 bit PCI cards should plug into 32
> bit slots without any problems. But many 32 bit motherboards have
> connectors that are too fat in the shell at the end, and the card
> won't fit. Solutions have been to either modify the motherboard
> connector by grinding down or otherwise cutting a slot into its
> end, or to modify our PCB by grinding off pin A/B 63 (GND/RSVD).
> Ivor
> At 10:08 AM 8/2/00 +0100, Mike Jones <Mike.Jones@renishaw.com> wrote:
> >We have been advised by our PCB manufacturer that they cannot meet the
> >tolerances defined for the PCB profile laid down in the PCI Specification.
> >This is mainly relating to the slot in the connector fingers (1.8mm) Has
> >anyone had any similar feedback from their suppliers, or if not, had any
> >problems fitting PCI cards into various motherboards?
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