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Get PCI routing information.

Hello all,

I'm writing a DOS driver (DOS + Pharlap TNT-extender version 8) for a compact PCI card.

I understand that in order to get slot information of the system (which card is plugged in which slot of the CPCI-bus) I have to read the interrupt table with the PCI BIOS interrupt "GET IRQ ROUTING INFORMATION". ( INT 1ah AX=B10Eh, BX=0h)

The problem is that my DOS extender doesn't support this interrupt directly from protected mode. 

So I have actually three questions.
* Is there anyone ou there who had the same problem (issuing a real mode interrupt from protected mode) and knows how to solve it?

* Is there any information available (on the internet) about the PCI BIOS interrupts? The information I have is rather confusing. Especially the part about the pointer to the routing table header returned by the interrupt call is difficult to understand for me. 

* Is there another way in which I can find out which card is plugged in which slot on the CPCI bus? 

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


Andy Vercauteren

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