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Reset of a PCI card in a rack.


I am working with a cPci rack with a CPV5350 ( with PII, os = NT ) & a
CPV3060 ( with 860, os = vxWorks ).
When I power up my rack, NT shares the memory to give a address to the
The CPV3060 uses an Intel 21554 as pci bridge.

I try to access to the CPV5350 memory from the CPV3060, and it works !

But when I reset my CPV3060 card, the informations in the 21554 are erased.
As I don't reset the CPV5350, NT doesn't do anything to reconfigure my
So of course when I try to read memory it doesn't work.

1) Is there a way to ask NT to make a new pci configuration ? ( I doubt a
lot :-))

2) Should the CPV3060 make itself the configuration of the 21554 on a non
power up reset ( but I have to remember my adress ) ?